Continuous Enrollment and Break Semester Policy

CHU requires degree students to maintain continuous enrollment by attending at least one class per semester during the academic year unless they are required to be full-time to maintain status as an F-1 or financial aid student. Degree students who have not registered for a semester by the census date and have not submitted a request for a break semester will be administratively withdrawn from the University. A student withdrawn for failure to attend or to maintain continuous enrollment, who wishes to resume study at CHU within the next three semesters, is subject to the Re-Entry Policy.

Degree students are permitted to take off one semester per academic year as their break semester. International students beyond their first two semesters and domestic students beyond their first semester can choose spring, summer, or fall semester as their break semester. Students must be in good status with a 2.0 CGPA for the BA program or a 3.0 CGPA for the MBA program; inform the Academics Office or the Registrar that they wish to take a break semester by the last day of the previous semester; and submit the Break Semester Request Form. Students returning from a break semester must be registered in the next term by the census date, or they will be withdrawn from the University

for failure to register under the continuous enrollment policy. F-1 students who take a break semester are not eligible for I-20 extensions due to the break. Students may be required to take additional credits each semester in order to meet the program end date deadline printed on the I-20. Per federal regulations students may not enroll in classes during breaks.

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