The concentration in financial economics provides students with the opportunity to analyze financial markets in the context of domestic and international economic concerns.

At CHU, we see economics as a tool for social justice. Through seminars and internships, you develop skills to tackle real-world problems ranging from poverty to gender inequality to environmental pollution. You’ll graduate prepared to use your economics training to make a positive impact in underserved communities both at home and abroad.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Economic literacy

    Students will engage in the systematic study of foundational economic concepts and relate them to economic problems and phenomena faced by people and firms.

  • Economic theory

    Students will use mathematical models, relational diagrams, and optimization techniques from microeconomic and macroeconomic theory to analyze real world economic problems and generate testable predictions about economic phenomena.

  • Empirical economics

    Students will apply quantitative statistical analysis and experimental methods to conduct data-driven inference, interpret figures and statistical tables, test theories, and identify causal relationships.

  • Economic citizenship

    Students will employ economic reasoning and quantitative techniques to evaluate and critique economic policies, arguments, and social problems, with a particular emphasis on the role economics plays in advancing human well-being for the poor and disadvantaged.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to give our motivated and diverse students the knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute extraordinarily to society and the global economy in the 21st century.


To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete at least 128 applicable unit hours.

ECONOMICS course list

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