The MBA in International Business is designed to prepare students to function, compete and excel in modern business and provide them with an understanding of how to cooperate on a worldwide platform.

Unlike theoretically based MBAs, the CHU MBA respects the importance of learning while doing and encourages hands-on field experience by allowing graduate credits to be earned while the student is working. CHU’s faculty has field experience that complements their advanced degrees and the curriculum is designed to prepare business leaders with the skills to succeed and prosper in today’s competitive marketplace. Students study alongside peers from around the world, which contributes to a broad global perspective. Students gain a foundation in values, leadership, marketing, accounting, finance and other important fundamentals. Graduates have a sound basis of knowledge preparing them to excel in management positions in any type of business organization.

Program Learning Objectives

    As a result of successfully completing the MBA in International Business program, each student demonstrates that they are able to:

  • Compete in a business context

  • Solve real-world problems

  • Respond to critical challenges and paradoxes

  • Address managerial issues and business in the global context

  • Focus on long-range strategic development

Vision Statement

The MBA in International Business program produces executive leaders who are grounded in enduring qualities that focus on creativity and innovation in creating and managing sustainable businesses in the global context.

Mission Statement

Whom the Program Serves

We serve American and international students interested in a challenging multicultural education with an entrepreneurial lens. We prepare students with the knowledge to open their own businesses or to make a positive contribution to established firms, and we equip our graduates with the tools to become life-long learners to master the skills of the future.

Apply Now Requirements

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for continuously enrolled students remains at the same rate during the course of their program. Tuition for new students and students who are not continuously enrolled and fees for all students are subject to increase beginning on July 1, 2016 (continuously enrolled students = students who do not withdraw = active students). Tuition and fees are subject to Board approval.

MBA International Business Fees
Tuition per Credit Hour $649.00
Fees per Semester $270.00
Full-Time, 9cr. Hrs. Cost $6,111.00
Graduate Fees Fees
Information Resources $162.00
Admin. Processing Fee $108.00
Total Fees $270.00
Credit Hour Calculato Graduate
1 $649.00
2 $1298.00
3* $1947.00
9** $5841.00
12*** (Student graduates in 2 years) $7788.00

* Typical number of credits per course.

** Full-time student semester course load.

*** Course load needed to finish MBA program in 2 years.

MBA Course

Depending on a student’s preparation for a master’s level program in an English-speaking environment, the student may be required to take Intensive English courses. The ACCUPLACER ® ESL tests determine the required courses

MBA course list

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Our BA in International Business is designed to deliver the skills that will distinguish our students for a lifetime.


Intensive English and TOEFL ® Preparation &Total Immersion English and TOEFL ® Preparation