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Colorado Heights University passed the Colorado State Government’s annual review in April 2021. Due to the global spread of Covid-19, at this stage we provide online courses for testing.

Colorado Heights University provides students with an opportunity to study abroad without having to come to the United States. Students from all over the world turn to lecturers with real global experience. This kind of valuable insights shared in the classroom helps to promote our learning to the highest level of borderless communication.

The Small, Personalized University Environment Allows Students To Experience Smaller Class Sizes, More One-on-one Interaction With Faculty And Dedicated Advising For Each Individual Student. We Take Pride In The Success Of Our Students And Feel That An Commemorative Certificate From Chu Can Be An Important Experience In Starting Your Own Business .

Many of our curriculum plans focus on sustainability and ensure that we use natural, social and economic resources to meet our needs without affecting the needs of future generations.

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What is Denver, CO

What is Denver, CO? Denver is a thriving city in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. The city is home to many professions sports clubs, cultural events and world-class concert venues. The area around Denver offers outdoor experiences ranging from mountain biking and whitewater rafting to skiing and hiking.

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Cultures combine on campus in our dormitories. We offer affordable housing on campus where students from around the globe experience different cultures up close.

The Colorado Heights University Technology Center is a science and technology-based scientific development institution that aims to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge, disseminate scientific methods, and promote international scientific and technological cooperation. We have a professional international technology transfer service team, which can provide possibilities for international search, introduction and recommendation of technology and talents.

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100 Years History

At the end of the 19th century, the Pancracia mother of the Sisters of Loreto (Mary Louise Bonfils (Mary Louise Bonfils 1852-1915)) wanted to educate women in the Rocky Mountains. In 1886, Loreto Highland College was established as a Catholic high school for girls and used to be the administrative building of Colorado Heights University.



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Detailed introduction to the graduation ceremony venue theater.