Our BA in International Business is designed to deliver the skills that will distinguish our students for a lifetime. These include critical thinking and analytical skills, facility with data and numbers, tremendous interpersonal skills, and expertise in communication.

our curriculum delivers the core business competencies common to other programs, but emphasizes those that will have a growing relevance in the 21st century. We use the most effective classroom techniques-whether they are cutting-edge innovations or tried-and-true best practices. We emphasize soft skills as much as hard ones-valuing multicultural competence as much as the ability to analyze a financial statement. As our program is built using an entrepreneurial lens, we aspire to give students the ability to adapt, succeed and be proactive in a world that is in equal measures full of daunting challenges and exciting opportunities. The ACCUPLACER® test is used as a placement and assessment tool that gives the program external validation for the measurement of student learning.

Program learning objectives

  • Apply relevant business and management tools in a dynamic 21st century global arena

    Integrate the business functional areas to solve real world problems

  • Anticipate and adapt to change in the global business environment and take advantage of professional opportunities

  • Recognize and practice integrity

  • Demonstrate professionalism

  • Effectively research, evaluate and analyze written and quantitative information and communicate well

Vision Statement

Our vision is to give our motivated and diverse students the knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute extraordinarily to society and the global economy in the 21st century.

Mission Statement

Whom the Program Serves

This program is designed for motivated, perseverant, and hard-working individuals who aspire to make a difference in the world.

Apply Now Requirements

Tuition estimates

BA International Business Fees
Tuition per Credit Hour $340.00
Fees per Semester $247.00
Full-Time, 12 cr. Hrs. Cost $4,327.00
Undergraduate Fees Fees
Information Resources $150.00
Admin. Processing Fee $97.00
Total Fees $247.00
Credit Hour Calculator Fees
1 $340.00
2 $680.00
3* $1,020.00
12** $4,080.00
15*** (Student graduates in 4 years) $5,100.00

* Typical number of credits per course.

** Full-time student semester course load.

*** Course load needed to finish undergraduate program in 4 years.

Special Circumstances

  • If it is determined that an MBA student needs to take prerequisite BA courses (up to three classes), the student will pay MBA fees and BA tuition for those courses.

  • If a BA student is asked to take an MBA class when a BA class is not available, and the class will be counted toward the BA program, the student will pay BA fees and BA tuition rates.

  • If an MBA student is asked to take a BA class when an MBA class is not available, and the class will be counted toward the MBA program, the student will pay MBA fees and MBA tuition rates.

Tuition and Fees Scholarships

BA Course

To earn a BA degree, a student must successfully pass a total of 125 credit hours and have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 or higher. Students take 5-6 courses per semester.

BA course list

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