Main Requirements for Bachelor of Arts

To earn a BA degree, a student must successfully pass a total of 125 credit hours and have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 or higher. Students take 5-6 courses per semester.

There are a total of 138 credit hours listed; students may choose from the following electives:

  1. Math Electives: Students may choose either MAT121 College Algebra or MAT123 Finite Mathematics.

  2. Social Sciences Electives: Students may choose TWO of the following courses: HIS236 U.S. History since 1945; HIS247 Contemporary World History; or POS111 American Government. All students must take at least one history course.

  3. Business Lens Electives. Students may select ONE of the following two courses: IS395 International Entrepreneurship, or IBS389 Import-Export Management. These two courses reflect the two different lenses of the BA program.

  4. Upper-class Electives. Students must take TWO of the following: IBS497 Innovation and Design; CIS360 Analytical Problem Solving with Computer Programming; or IBS402 International Field Study.


Course Course Title Credit Hours
AAA001 Data Analysis Case Studies 3
AAA002 Data Analysis Case Studies Information Systems for 4
ACC121 Public Speaking 5
ACC122 Principles of Microeconomics 4
ENG121 English Composition I 3
BUS115 English Composition II 4
BUS117 Business Writing 3
BUS216 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS226 Business Statistics 3
CHUCS101 Road to Success 0
CHUCS111 Workplace Preparedness 0
CHUCS311 Career Preparedness 0

General Education Core Courses (45 credits required)

(Must be taken in the first two years at CHU)

  • AAA002 Writing Support Lab    (1 credit)
  • (Required unless student receives a 7 or higher on the ACCUPLACER® WritePlacer® test)
  • CIS001 Computer Applications (1 credit)
Written Communication (2 courses, 3 credits each)
  • ENG121 English Composition I
  • ENG122 English Composition II
Arts & Humanities (2 courses, 3 credits each)
  • HUM115 World Mythology
  • PHI111 Logic

Concentration Requirements

Foundational Business Courses (6 courses, 20 credits)
ACC121 Accounting Principles I (4 credits)
ACC122 Accounting Principles II (4 credits)
BUS115 Intro to Business (3 credits)
BUS216 Business Writing (4 credits)
BUS217 Legal Environment of Business (4 credits)
BUS226 Statistics (1 credits)
Upper Class Business Courses (60 credits required)
CIS360 Business Problem Solving (upper class elective, choose 2) (4 credits)
CIS370 Data Analysis (4 credits)
CIS420 Info Systems for Entrepreneurs (3 credits)
FIN380 Principles of Finance (4 credits)
IBS300 Intro to International Business (4 credits)
IBS309 International Finance (1 credits)
IBS385 Project Management (4 credits)
IBS389 Import/Export (Business lens, choose 1) (4 credits)
IBS395 International Entrepreneurship (Business lens, choose 1) (3 credits)
IBS400 International Marketing (4 credits)
IBS401 International Field Study (4 credits)
IBS402 International Field Study (upper class elective, choose 2) (1 credits)
IBS431 International Law (4 credits)
IBS450 International Business (4 credits)
IBS497 Innovation and Design (upper class elective, choose 2) (3 credits)
MGT311 Intro to International Business (4 credits)
MGT312 Intercultural Management (4 credits)
MGT351 Operations Management (1 credits)
MGT410 Human Resources Management (4 credits)
MKT350 Principles of Marketing (4 credits)
QNT440 Quantitative Analysis (3 credits)

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