Economics degree graduation requirements

Candidates for an economics degree must comply with all university regulations. In particular, candidates must:

  • Complete all degree requirements indicated in the Catalogue valid at the time of the most recent enrollment. If there is a plan change during the student's progress to a degree, the appropriate department chair will be negotiated and/or the necessary alternatives and equivalent content will be published in the subsequent catalog.

  • Complete at least 128 applicable unit hours.

  • Meet the requirements of core courses and university writing requirements.

  • Meet the requirements of the specific majors described in this catalog and the schools that provide that major. (For example, if a student obtains a second major in a liberal arts college, he must complete all the requirements of the college).

  • Meet the academic residency requirements of the university.

  • Meet the minimum academic requirements for degrees and majors. The grade point average for determining graduation qualifications is only based on course work completed in CHU or its affiliated programs.

  • Submit an online graduation application form to the graduation center to apply for a degree.

  • Ensure that all financial obligations to the university have been fulfilled, including payment of all outstanding fines.

Economics course(TOTAL CREDIT HOURS IN Economics: *128)

Major (32 units)

Course Course Title Credit Hours
MATH 101 Elementary Statistics 4
ECON 111 Principles of Microeconomics 4
ECON 112 Principles of Macroeconomics 4
ECON 120 Economic Methods 4
MATH 109 Calculus & Analytic Geom I 4
ECON 311 Intermediate Microeconomics 4
ECON 312 Intermediate Macroeconomics 4
ECON 320 Econometrics 4
ECON 425 Econometrics of Fin Markets 4
ECON 427 Applied Econometrics Capstone 4

Electives (16 units)

At least 4 units must be of a 400 level course.

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