Terms Associated with the Attendance, Withdrawal, Refund and Continuous Enrollment Policy

Census Date

The date on which the Registrar’s Office takes a "snapshot" of student enrollment for reporting or record keeping purposes. The Census Date is last date on which a student can add/drop classes for the upcoming term without financial and academic penalty. At CHU, the census date is the fifth day of classes of the term. For census dates, see Academic calendar.

Enrolled Student

"Enrolled" is the status of a student who has completed the registration requirements for the upcoming term by enrolling into a number of classes.

Enrollment Verification

The process during which the Registrar’s Office verifies that student attended each individual class for which student is registered. Enrollment Verification takes place during the first week of enrollment and student must be verified as present at least twice for each class registered.

Enrollment Cancellation

A cancellation results in the removal of all enrollments for the semester. Cancellations are not noted on the permanent record. A student may not cancel enrollment after the first day of classes in any enrollment period.

Financial Aid Earned

The dollar amount that is a result of multiplying percentage of the semester/payment period completed with the amount of Title IV disbursed or the amount that could have been disbursed.

Financial Aid to Be Returned

This describes the dollar amount that is a result of the difference between the amount of Title IV disbursed and the amount of Title IV earned.

Payment Period

This is the enrollment period for which a student received federal financial aid from the Title IV Program. At CHU the payment period is a semester for degree students and two terms for ESL students.

Return of Title IV Funds

Federal law requires the return of any Title IV funds that student or school did not earn.


Term refers to either an 8-week session or 16-week semester. Students in IETP and TIETP attend 8-week sessions, and students in the BA and MBA attend 16-week semesters.

Title IV Program

These are federal student aid programs reauthorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Amendments of 1992. Sources of Title IV Aid funding include the Pell Grant, Federal Direct Student Loans (Stafford), Federal Campus-Based Grants (Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant and the Federal Work Study).

Withdrawal from Colorado Heights University

The process that changes a student’s enrollment status after it has been determined that a student is no longer attending classes. Withdrawal can be official or unofficial, and is defined as follows:

  • Official Withdrawal – to officially withdraw from Colorado Heights University, a student must submit an official withdrawal form.

  • Unofficial Withdrawal – This term applies if the student does not officially withdraw from classes and stops attending all classes. A pro-rated portion of the federal financial aid received, based on the documented last day of attendance, must be returned to the federal aid programs (Return of Title IV Funds calculation).

Withdrawal Date

The date a student ceases attendance (drops or withdraws) from all registered classes, which is defined as follows:

  • Official Withdrawal Date is the earliest date recorded that a student signed a withdrawal form or notified administrative staff or faculty of intent to withdraw from classes, OR the first day of class non-attendance for students that did not verify attendance during the enrollment verification.

  • Unofficial Withdrawal/Date is the midpoint of the term for a student who leaves without notifying the school.

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