Check how much you owe in the Tuition and fees channel in CHU.

Payment Methods Withdrawal Refund Policy

Special Note for BA Students

Students must take at least 15 semester credit hours per semester to complete an undergraduate degree within four years or eight semesters. For financial aid purposes, 12 semester credit hours is the full-time standard for the semester. Students who take less than 15 credits per semester must take summer courses in order to complete a degree in four years. I-20 program extensions will not be granted to students who take less than 15 credits hours per semester. This may mean that international students who do not take 15 credits or more per semester, or who take an excessive number of breaks, may not be able to complete their degree before their I-20 expires. Students should work with their advisor to ensure they can complete their program within the allotted timeframe.

Tuition estimates

BA International Business Fees
Tuition per Credit Hour $340.00
Fees per Semester $247.00
Full-Time, 12 cr. Hrs. Cost $4,327.00
Undergraduate Fees Fees
Information Resources $150.00
Admin. Processing Fee $97.00
Total Fees $247.00
Credit Hour Calculator Fees
1 $340.00
2 $680.00
3* $1,020.00
12** $4,080.00
15*** (Student graduates in 4 years) $5,100.00

* Typical number of credits per course.

** Full-time student semester course load.

*** Course load needed to finish undergraduate program in 4 years.

Special Circumstances

  • If it is determined that an MBA student needs to take prerequisite BA courses (up to three classes), the student will pay MBA fees and BA tuition for those courses.

  • If a BA student is asked to take an MBA class when a BA class is not available, and the class will be counted toward the BA program, the student will pay BA fees and BA tuition rates.

  • If an MBA student is asked to take a BA class when an MBA class is not available, and the class will be counted toward the MBA program, the student will pay MBA fees and MBA tuition rates.

If you are very clear about your tuition, you can go to SOMS to see your tuition payment status.

Explanation of Fees and Other Charges

Required Fees

Registration fees are comprised of the Student Activity Fee, Information Resources, Administrative Processing Fee and, if applicable, the charge for books. Registration fees are due each semester prior to registering for classes. The Administrative Processing Fee is non-refundable. All other fees are refundable according to the Withdrawal Refund Policy.

Optional and/or Avoidable Fees

  • Late Registration Fee - $100: If a continuing a student doesn't pay registration by the end of the first day of classes, that student will be assessed a $100 late registration fee. The last day to pay registration fees and the late registration fee is the census date.

  • Late Tuition Fee - $100: If a student registers for classes and is attending classes, but does not make, at minimum, their first tuition payment with the Business Office within the add/drop period of the semester (by the census date which is the end of the add/drop period), that student will be assessed a $100 late fee.

  • Payment Plan Enrollment Fee - $25: Students who elect to join any CHU Payment Plan will be required to pay the $25 payment plan enrollment fee with their first tuition payment.

  • Late Payment Fee - $25: For students on a payment plan, all late payments (excluding registration fees) will be assessed a $25 late fee the next business day after a payment is late. Late payment fees will be applied to all late payments except, if applicable, rent. Dorm residents should refer to the housing contract for dorm payment policies. Students have 5 calendar days after the census date to pay late fees, registration fees and tuition (or set up a payment plan) or student will be subject to withdrawal from the university.

  • Lost I-20 Fee - $25: There is a $25 charge for reprinting an I-20.

  • Returned Check Fee - $50: There is a $50 charge for checks returned for insufficient funds.

  • Parking Permit Fee - $35 (one semester) or $75 (one year): Students who park on campus are required to obtain a parking permit. The permit is valid for one semester or one year from the month of purchase (as applicable).

  • Parking Permit Replacement Fee - $5: If a student loses or misplaces their parking permit, the cost to replace their permit card is $5.

  • ID Replacement Fee - $20: If a student loses or misplaces their student ID, the cost to replace their ID card is $20.

  • Transcript Fee - $10: Students requesting an official copy of their transcript are required to pay $10 per transcript and must be in good standing with the Business Office.

Fees for On-Campus Residents

Rent - Paid by semester. F-1 students must pay for the entire first semester up front.

  • 1 occupant: $1,700/semester
  • 2 occupants: $800/semester

Rent - Paid by semester. F-1 students must pay for the entire first semester up front.

  • Refrigerator (Small) $25
  • Refrigerator (Medium) $35
  • Refrigerator (Large) $45

Health Insurance

It is recommended that all students living in campus sponsored housing have health insurance.. A student can obtain insurance from various sources including being a dependent on a parent's health insurance plan, having an employer's health insurance plan, or by having individual insurance through another source. If necessary, Colorado Heights University does have resources with options for health insurance providers. This information is kept in the Student Life Office

Optional and/or Avoidable Fees

  • Full semester housing (F1 Students only - domestic students pay first month)

  • $200 Security/damage deposit (refundable)

  • $125 Application fee (non-refundable)

  • $25 PO Box fee (due at the start of each semester)

All on-campus resident fees are subject to change without notice.