Bachelor of Arts

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Areas of Interest
  • Arts & Media
  • Culture & Language
  • English & Literature
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Philosophy & Religious Studies
Learn the languages of antiquity and discover how the foundation of civilization can inform solutions for problems in the modern world. The Bachelor of Arts in Classics examines the languages, literature, cultures, art, history, religion and material remains of the ancient Mediterranean world and their ongoing impact. With the Classical Languages emphasis, students acquire language proficiency in Greek or Latin and are introduced to a broad spectrum of ancient literature. Students graduate with strong skills in critical thinking and problem-solving, along with the agility to balance detailed analysis with big-picture perspectives.
Learning Outcomes
Cultural Synthesis; Graduates will be able to articulate the complex ways in which different aspects of (ancient and modern) culture are interconnected and interdependent. Deep Thinking; Graduates will demonstrate an ability to work through complex and difficult questions, and to engage in a nuanced, thoughtful, and informed way with fragmentary or contradictory evidence, scholarly discourse, and controversial issues. Foundational Knowledge; Graduates will demonstrate a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental facets of and facts about the ancient Mediterranean. Language Expertise; Graduates will acquire specific skills essential to the study and interpretation of complex systems of written thought in Greek and/or Latin, as well as English. Transferable Skills; Written and oral communication are essential skill sets, which transcend the boundaries of any academic discipline. Graduates will be able to express their ideas in speech and writing confidently, fluently, and accurately.
Sample Courses
  • LAT 202: Intermediate Latin II
  • LAT 415: Latin Love Elegy
  • GRK 412: Readings in Greek Philosophy
Career Fields
  • Academics
  • Graduate studies
  • Literary translation
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Arts
  • Writing
Level of Math
General Knowledge
4th Semester Proficiency
Pre-major Required?
Sample Plans 2020 - Chemistry

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